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The Elections of 2008

Posted by Had Enough

I am totally shocked that so many people are blindly following this guy Barak Hussein Obama.  Never forget this mans middle name as I will come back to this later on.

This man got elected to be a Senator and immediately started to campaign for the Presidency of the United States.  Case in point, John McCain went back to Washington to WORK on the Financial Crisis and what has Obama done?  Slander and defame McCain on the stump instead of doing what he was Elected to do!  He was Elected to do the Peoples busines in Washington.  But has he done that? No.  When the country is facing a financial crisis, where is he?  Is he in Washington pushing for a bailout? No. Is he in Washington trying to find a solution? No.

In All honesty, he IS part of the problem.  The Democarts in the 1990′s RELAXED Financial regulations under Clinton as the request fo Robert Rubin.  Relaxing of the laws has brought us to this place in time.

Its so easy to BLAME the Republicans, but its the Democrats that are out to undermine this country.

So with that being said, what is the difference between what the Democrats have done and 9-11 ?  Nothing.  You had Terrorists attacking and attempting to bring down the United States Economy by destroying the physical locations in NYC of World and National Finance.  NOW it has come to fruition that what Clinton has done and the Democrats are again pointing the fingers of blame AWAY from where they should be pointed!  If this is NOT a Conspiracy to destroy this country, I do not know what is.

President Bush, WAKE UP !  Please do the following to get this back in control.

1) Declare a national emergency
2) Arrest and throw in Jail the following, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Robert Rubin, Harry Reid, the heads of the Media, the head of the FCC (they are allowing the media to bring up bogus information and report it as news), Chuckie Schumer, The heads of CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC for falsely reporting certain things and various other Democrats that are out to destroy this country.
3) Go after the heads of the banking system and Wall Street that allowed this to happen.
4) Remove the heads of the Education System and get REAL teachers in to teach kids NOT Liberal Communistic people that only want to ruin this country!
5) Bring back into our schools the American History, not a slanted biased view of who and what America is!

I say media, because in all honesty, the MEDIA was and did create a frenzy that caused WaMu (Washington Mutual) to collapse.  We saw and heard it constantly from CNN “the FDIC does not have enough money to guarrantee anything, get your money out now”)

Now back to Obama,

This man is a phoney!  He NEVER says anything… he is ANOTHER Clinton but only worse. Listen to his speaches, they promise everything WITHOUT anything substantial!  Its ALL double talk !! This man has no idea how to run a Government nor ANYTHING else.  The man is a stooge!  Wake up people!

He switched his religion ONLY AFTER getting elected to the Senate at the request of his wife!  The man IS a RADICAL MUSLIM !  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  He and oh yes, his lovely wife HATE this country!  They will and are doing everything possible to undermine the elections and the normal order of things in America!  Wake up people!

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