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Cash for Clunkers….

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Great idea… except WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS ???

In an excerpt from a new article….

WASHINGTON – The government has approved $500 million in reimbursements to car dealers for sales under the Cash for Clunkers program and dealers should be paid by late September, officials said Thursday.

Auto dealers have complained that the Obama administration has been slow to pay them for the car purchase incentives of up to $4,500. The rebates led to 690,114 new sales at a taxpayer cost of $2.88 billion.

That’s right !  TAXPAYER COST !!!

1) welfare and  social programs are an incentive NOT to pay taxes.

2) Most Teachers in most areas DO NOT PAY LOCAL TAXES !  Its part of the incentive package to get teachers!

3) The hard working Americans in this country and the top 5 (ealthy) are the ones who bare the brunt of these programs.  The wealthy pay too much as is and there is NO incentive for people to BECOME wealthy.  Why should we work hard to become wealthy, when the government only targets you and taxes you higher rates ?

There used to be 3 levels within this country.  Rich, Middle Income and Poor.  The Democrats have basically done away with the “middle income” and now classify ANYONE who works hard in this country as “Wealthy”.

The Poor are people who do not pay taxes, welfare, illegal immigrants!  Stand up against the tyranny of the Democratic nonsense that is full of lies and distortion!

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