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Obama’s “change”

Posted by Had Enough

Well the elections are over and the promises are already being broken.  “Time for a Change”, “New Change Coming”, “New Hope”… blah blah blah !

All lies.

As we have already seen, the majority of his new “cabinet” will be old Clinton people.  The same people that caused problems, did illegal things and were slapped on the wrist, the same people that got us into this mess into the first place.

There has never been a Democrat the keeps their promise upon election.  Never.  Yet everyone seems to forget.  Everyone seems to look the other way and we get screwed everytime.

Taxes are going to go up, personal freedoms granted by GOD and backed up in the United States Constitution will be eroded further or taken away, rights will be trampled upon and worse yet,  Judges that have no business calling themselves judges will be appointed to screw you more.

Take a look at Johnson, Carter or Clinton’s time in office.  Its getting worse people.  These people are power hungry, mad with the passion to rape this country and its people.  Its called Socialism.

We’re screwed and the media lies and complies with it all.

GOD Help the United States of America.


How about them Apples?

Posted by Had Enough

Apples, apples….

There was a 60 minutes video recently about a seed vault for humanity buried in Norway. Built
by Norway for something like 9 million and Bill Gates (yes of Microsoft) paid or is paying for the seeds to be collected and shipped to be stored in underground vaults…. just in case…

If you have a moment, watch the video with tongue in cheek.
The person they interviewed is a whacko. He stated that “back in the 1800′s there was something like 8000 various types of apples and we are killing and losing the food that we eat now. Its all going to be extinct.”

8000 various types of apples, and according to this tree hugging nut case, we’ve lose a large percentage of these apples types. Ok, anyone want go gather that MAYBE we allowed them to go extinct because they tasted like crap? Maybe.. just maybe, they were totally USELESS, just like 60 minutes?

Puh-leezzze. (rolling eyes wildly) How much more of these nut jobs from 60 minutes are we going to listen to ? I for one am tired of them NOT reporting the real news and then putting together stories that are just plain stupid.

BE a news reporting program INSTEAD of cow towing to the liberal communistic left that is all doom and gloom and never has bright ideas anymore because “we are causing the death of the world”. Oh put a sock in it already!


Oil Headlines

Posted by Had Enough

Oil hits record $120.93 on fear of tight supply

as seen on Yahoo – 05-06-2008 (the headline, not my comments!)

Fear this. Since they moved away from OPEC and are now basing the price of oil on the Stock Market, the prices are being artificially inflated.

Funny isn’t it?
Al Gore and his whacko friends starting that “Man is the worst thing on the planet” and “we are running out of oil”, is akin to what Jimmy Carter pulled in the 1970′s. Remember the “oil crisis” ? Remember Gas Rationing? This is the “chicken little syndrome”. The sky is falling so we must raise our prices! Bull Chips !!

The United States is sitting on the largest deposits of Oil, yet we are not allowed to drill for it because “it may hurt our environment”. learn from the mistakes of the past, build new refineries to TODAYS standards, tell the environmental whackos to shut the hell up and drill for oil !

Take the Oil futures and the pricing of oil off the stock market !! It does not belong there !

Look at it people. You are being lied to again. You hear the price of oil is going up and immediately, yes IMMEDIATELY you see the price change at the pump ! Take the freaking oil off the Stock Market! Stop artificially raising the cost.

yes, we need alternate fuels, but what they are doing with the Ethanol, is a pure JOKE. Its going to cause a tremendous problem. Ethanol is being made from Corn and other products form the fields. When you remove the supply of grain and corn from the farmers, from the industries that utilize it, (baking, food etc.), all the prices go up !

Look at your local Grocery store prices, they are climbing! Why? “oh we need Ethanol”, Bull Crap ! Originally back in what, the 20′s, they used to run the engines on Ethyl. Umm excuse me, call it what it is, Ethanol. They found that this destroyed the life of a car’s engine and was extremely volitile. So they found they could refine oil to make Gasoline. Thus they removed ethyl from the market. Now they want to bring it back ?

HELLO !!! Stand up and write your congressman or woman, this is insanity. Tell the environmentalists to shut the hell up and drill for oil in the US. Build new refineries. The world is jealous of our abundance of Natural Resources. Then USE THEM !! Tell the world that if they do not like it, tough. We are doing what we need to do for our country, for our citizens, for our families.

Good lord people, this is insanity.

Stop rolling over and taking it up the gas tank!


Global warming or Global Farce?

Posted by Had Enough

Global Warming or the term for it started in the late 1980′s by various groups that were trying to warn us that the “sky was falling”. It did not catch on until the 1990′s when it was subverted into the movement it is today. “Humans are killing the earth”, “We’re out to kill our environment” and tons of other various sayings and rantings.

Yet when push comes to shove, no one can agree on “the cause” or what is happening. What is happening ?

Lets see, how long exactly have they been tracking “global warming” ? For 20 or so years? Where do they get this data from? How long have they had sophisticated enough equipment to measure these things? Less than 20 years. Hmmm.

Isn’t it funny, that when they start these movements, the types of people who jump on the band wagon? People who decry that mankind is the root of everything bad. Excuse me?

I’m not a lunatic or someone who goes off the deep end because I dropped my glass of milk, but it seems these people do. It seems that the only way for people to learn about this is to shove it down our throats and attempt to make us feel guilty for being alive. I personally am tired of this nonsense.

Get a room full of scientists together to discuss “global warming” and the only thing that comes out of it is, “we need to research this more”. Read between the lines people. They need more money to study this further. In other words, we need to spend more money to come up with more ways to make this all believable.

Yet, try and find articles and writings by sane and legitimate “Scientists” against this crap, and you find little coverage? Excuse me but as a consumer you want to learn as much as possible about something you are going to buy. You demand the pros and cons and the opinions of others before going and purchasing somethings, right? But what if the item you were going to purchase was slanted with only 1 view? What if you could never find information or found that it was suppressed a negative or counter information? Would you buy that item? Would you really feel like a “well informed consumer” if you could only get your information and research fed to you?

History repeats itself. Look back in time and put 2 and 2 together. The only way to subvert the people is to deny counter information against a plan or idea. Slant all information in the one direction you want people to go in and they will follow only that 1 idea because there is no other information for them to make an educated choice. Use the media and every advertising avenue in one direction and people will start to believe it. Wait, where have I heard that before?

Repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth. Wait, who said that? Isn’t this exactly what is going on with “Global Warming”? Where is all of the counter information to this phenomenon ? There always has to be 2 sides to a story right? Where is the other side in this debate? Oh, right, its suppressed.

If you speak up against Global Warming, you are deemed and idiot, a jerk, a person of lower intelligence… huh? Excuse me ? Lower intelligence? Sounds like elitism to me.

Read the writing on the wall here people. Repeat a lie enough and it becomes truth. Who said that?

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” Vladimir Lenin. Lenin ???

But the one that is the most important is:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This was said by Joseph Goebbels.

But there is more to this saying that the media ignores and its the truth:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Damn. Who was this Joseph Goebbels? That name sounds familiar. He was the Reich Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propoganda and he succeeded Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany. Oh make that Nazi Germany.

Now knowing that all you hear is Global Warming, Global Warming, Global Warming and nothing to counter that… what does that tell you ?

It’s a lie.

Wake up people, you are being lied to.