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Are we heading towards a new Holocaust?

Posted by Had Enough

They say that those who ignore the teachings of history are doomed to repeat it.  We see freedoms being eroded away, a truly epic over-bearing government, Christians persecuted, Jews persecuted again.  It makes you wonder if we are headed towards a new Holocaust, this time in the United States?

We see an unprecedented increase in various Government agencies buying ammo, FEMA supposedly setting up internment camps and buying millions of plastic coffins all for what?  What is on the horizon ?  We see that Free Speech is under attack and being ignored.  You can not put into the media anything negative about Obama as his gestapo of lawyers will send out cease and desist letters or even take you to court.  Label you as a terrorist and have you detained.  Excuse me, but is THIS the America we all grew up with?

Openly pushing obamacare that is more than a train wreck, it is a disaster of epic proportions.  He is going to raid the military budget by reducing our military to BEFORE World War II levels and continue to deny health benefits for our Military heroes.  IN an article today that I read, they are predicting that Medicare will start denying elderly health coverages and openly give this coverage to illegal aliens.  What in GODs name are you doing to our country?

You have Common Core being forced down the throats of our children, all for what?  As one editor stated “Common Core prepares children to live under a dictatorship”.  It was experimented with back in Nazi Germany that if you teach the children to hate and think they are the elite, they will goose-step to your call.  Isn’t this the same things that is happening within our schools today?   There are some who have stood up to this at various campuses demanding to be taught NOT thrown garbage.  Sad to say they are ignored and labeled terrorists. They are a small voice in the cacophony of the left’s control over education.

Where is this all heading ?  If you do not teach our kids the correct way of doing things, then aren’t you damaging their learning capabilities?  Aren’t you stifling the next Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin or any other free thinking individual who has contributed towards society with brilliant inventions?

It is my belief that when government stifles individuals it causes a rift of brilliant thinkers and also those who are meant towards a making the world a better place.  I truly believe that we are in a new age Holocaust against freedom and ultimately those that are meant to be great leaders for ours and generations to come.

This must be reversed, otherwise we are destined to be slaves to a government out of control.